Get a second opinion

Get a second opinion

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Get a second opinion

Are you seeking a second opinion on your health condition? Dr. Muskaan is here to assist you with her highly specialized knowledge and experience.

With Dr. Muskaan , you can benefit from:

  1. Access to a highly qualified and respected doctor
  2. A second opinion without the need for a referral
  3. Timely healthcare, especially in countries with limited healthcare options
  4. No more waiting due to insurance complications or the need for a referral

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Who is Dr.  Muskaan? Dr. is a highly qualified and respected surgeon and public health specialist with expertise in Cancer diagnosis and treatment, focused on Breast Cancer . She is well known for providing second opinions to patients worldwide for almost all kinds of illness
  2. Do I need a referral to consult with Dr. Muskaan? No, you do not need a referral. Dr. Muskaan offers her services directly to patients via Chat, Phone or Video, allowing you to receive a second opinion without any barriers.
  3. Can I access this service even if my country lacks proper healthcare? Absolutely! Dr. Muskaan is dedicated to providing healthcare access to people in countries without proper healthcare facilities. In fact she has also worked in countries such as India, USA, Sierre Leone, United Kingdom. You can count on her expertise regardless of your location.
  4. Will I receive timely healthcare with this service? Yes! Dr. Muskaan understands the importance of timely healthcare. By eliminating insurance complications and the need for referrals, she ensures that you get the attention you need without delay.