The Healthcare Researcher

The Healthcare Researcher

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The Healthcare Researcher is a book that gives a bird's eye view of the entire scientific process in a simple, easy-to-understand and friendly manner. It cuts the information clutter using an evidence-based approach and defines the absolute essentials that early researchers need to know to embark on their journey of scientific research.

 This 450+ page fun-filled book with over 250 illustrations equips early researchers with the practical tools required to understand and produce scientific evidence. It also includes the basic epidemiology and biostatistics curriculum and covers all aspects of bioethics and ethical research conduct prescribed by various authorities at the medical school level. 

This book aims to help you build a firm foundation and give you a head start in your data driven scientific journey. It will introduce you to all the concepts and buzzwords of the scientific world so that the next time you hear people talking, you don’t think, “Huh! What are they talking about!”.

It is available in ebook ( ISBN: 978-93-5407-562-9 and paperback version (ISBN: 978-93-5407-827-9).